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Sales People. We don't have them. Period. No three hour sales presentations to put you to sleep. All estimations are done like any other construction trade.

We will set an appointment with you: One of our project managers will come to your home, take measurements, assess your needs, concerns and questions, and present you with your options.

After Appointment

Our Project Manger will turn in your specs to the office: You specs will be priced, and a rendering will be made (if applicable.)

All pricing is set in the office: no matter what your zip code, the price is the same. We won't ask you to sign a contract the day our project managers are at your home.

Send Estimate: You will receive your formal estimate and rendering 48-72 hours after your appointment. We will not move forward with a contract until you are ready. There is no pressure to sign a contract, never, never, ever.


Confirm Your Estimate: Once all details have been settled on, and confirmed with us that you are ready to proceed, we will send you a contract will all job details, including payment schedule, and approximate job start date.

Permits. We pull permits for all jobs that we install. We will not work for other companies or projects unless they too pull a permit. It covers everyone, and the cost is minimal compared to the headaches involved in not having your work permitted.

Lead Testing. Lead testing is mandatory for all properties built before 1978 per the EPA. We are Lead Safe Certified, and have a specialist on staff. Ask your contractor if they are as well.

Job Start

We Will Call you: to confirm the job start date.

Our Crew will start your job: We work Monday Through Friday From 8-4.

Employees. All of our workers, foremen, project managers, and office personnel are employees. None of our crews are sub-contractors. This allows us control of our installation process to be done the Specialty Siding way, the right way.

Workmanship. Our workmanship is above all, and manufacturers and builders have taken notice. Some of the most well known builders in Orange County call us directly to install for their projects. We work for the Big Box Stores as well as the smallest repairs.