Our story

Founded in 1989, Specialty Siding is a California licensed General Contractor. We have built our company and reputation on hard work, quality materials, exceptional customer service, and cutting edge construction technology. With our industry knowledge, experience in construction development, property management and project coordination, we have built a solid foundation in the industry. Over the years, we've completed multiple repair jobs that were completed by other siding contractors. We stress the importance of checking out who you hire for your siding installation or any other work. The old adage, "you get what you pay for" is true. We are here to help you resolve any issues you may have been left with. Check out our section on What We Do, & How We Do It.

We have earned a reputation throughout the industry for craftsmanship and high quality completed projects. Our history provides a valuable resource of experience and knowledge. Although the materials available on the market have significantly evolved over the years, the importance of doing a great job the first time still remains the same. We continue to research new products on the market to bring to our customers, as well as consulting for manufacturers to create the next generation of exterior cladding and windows. Specialty Siding strives to be the leader in all aspects of siding, and be the leaders in our field. Our recognition from the manufacturers speaks volumes about our professionalism, and knowledge.

We not only work with homeowners but also have a large portion of our business working as a subcontractor for builders, architects, big box stores, manufacture direct, and other contractors. We stand behind our team of craftsmen and service. We offer the specialized service you would expect with each homeowner installation, but on a large scale for large projects as well. Our large scale work can be viewed throughout Southern California on multi-family units, commercial buildings, apartment complexes and several HOAs.

Today, Specialty Siding is recognized as one of the top siding installation companies in Southern California. This success is a reflection of our dedication and commitment to service, and an appreciation and respect for you valuable business and home. We are thankful that the majority of our business is referral business from other satisfied homeowners. We are very proud of the excellent reputation that we have earned over the past 25+ years. Our team of specialists will take a typical siding installation to a higher level of excellence with experience on your side.

We are also humbled by winning the James Hardie Presidents Award for 2016, and also being a Preferred Elite Contractor for James Hardie. We have also become the Certified Manufacturers Service Team for several window manufacturers, and a also siding manufacturers. Many have called on our expertise in the field to bring us to our current evolution of "The Siding Experts."